Catcare Ultra Premium


Every cat having their own choice over their litter, in this segment we tried with some special type of bentonite to produce premium clumping litter which having round shaped, fresh fragrance and multi-colour.

This unique formulation with many natural substance like clay, perfume and natural colour. This round unique shape helping to less penetration urine drop, very first swelling allow to lock the gap between two balls, even shape allow to distribute properly, it will be cent percent dust free, no chance for any muddy feeling and neat and clean boxes, very easy to pick the clump with minimal loss of dry balls which ensure low consumption.

Ammonia which is produce by some bacteria, responsible bad smell comes from the litter box. Ultra-Premium litter is made of pure natural clay, sodium bentonite with blend of natural essence and colour absorb the excessive ammonium and also protest the grown of bacteria which responsible to produce Ammonia. We are paying close attention to formulate such high grade natural cat litter.Generates less waste, it lasts longer than a competing litter and therefore costs you less.

We  are offering dust-free litter! preferable for cats in general and those owners who are allergic to dust. Its clay-based formula is almost as soft, fresh and all natural, Go green initiatives form us.

Treat Your Dearest Pets with High-Quality Cat Litter from Cat Care

Cat Care is a leading supplier of high quality cat litter. We have designed our products to maintain your home smelling fresh and keep your pets happy and gay. We are also a renowned fragrance cat litter suppliers. Buy sweet-smelling cat litter which you and your cat will prefer to have at home forever. We also provide you with or without fragrant cat litter. You can choose the kind of cat litter you want. We also sell white bentonite cat litter for our customers around the world. We have a huge demand for our products from the cat owners from the nooks and corners of the world. Contact us today to know more about our multicolour cat litter and buy for your cat at home.

High-Quality Cat Litter

Cat Care is the top-most supper of high-quality cat litter suppliers in India. Our products are amazingly and affordable for everyone. In fact, quality products are the motto of our service. We are a renowned eco-friendly company selling natural products that do not harm nature. As the leading cat litter manufacturer, we sell cat litter made out of sodium bentonite extracted naturally extracted from nature. Quality products and excellent customer service have transformed us to be the best supplier of multicolor cat litter. We supply cat litter in pink, green, orange, purple and blue colours. You can choose the colour as per your liking. You have the option to buy cat litter directly from us or from the outlets we supply.

We fulfill our responsibility towards society as a whole in supplying premium quality cat litter. We are committed to each one of our clients to provide quality with no slug cat litter suppliers. Buy our products to make your pets happy and contended.

Key features

  1. All natural products no harmful chemical used
  2. We are using natural oil to make scented cat litter
  3. Refreshing and charming environment
  4. Almost nil ammonia odour
  5. Almost zero dust ensure proper litter system
  6. Safe for pets and children, can used hand to discard
  7. High absorbency ensure zero leakage
  8. Selectively used natural essentials having some technical benefits
  9. Natural ability to absorb ammonia, fresh home with clean boxes
  10. Homogenous distribution of granules makes thin & flat clump
  11. Non sticky product, no tracking of paws
  12. Economical solution for cat lovers


We are focusing in standard packing like 3kg, 5 Kg & 10 Kg with Plastic bags and also Paper bags as per clients test and choice. It is also possible to pack with customize size and volume. We are also offering 1 mt big bags for repacking. We are using eco-friendly material for packing and taking care of nature while choosing packing material.

How to use

Simple pour in your litter box and scoop out with time interval and top up if require.


Bentonite based product not suitable for eating and manufacturer not liable for mishandling the products.

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