Catcare Premium

Description –

Cat CareTM Premium is made up of highly absorbent & nontoxic natural clay. Specially designed sized bentonite granules added with natural food grade essence to make it more advanced and suitable in recent times.

We have classified our products in several brands depending on its smell, this is incredibly unique brand having good and flat clamping with pleasant smell to suppress the smell of urine.

Cat CareTM Lavender – Lavender is widely cultivated since ancient times and most favourite smell from mint family and having some anti-bacterial properties. We mix with natural Lavender oil with Bentonite granules with certain portion. This product having very pleasant smell with anti-bacterial ability.

 Cat CareTM Apple – Apple is one of most consuming fruit all around the world and most people eating apple because of its unique flavour. We are adding natural apple flavour with bentonite granules which is fresh and persist for a long time.

Cat CareTMCoffee – Coffee is one of highest beverage consumed by human all over the world due to its extraordinarily strong flavour, it is the most favourite flavour in the world and some animal also like it including cats. We mix our high absorbent, dust free Bentonite with natural extract of Coffee, this will give a fresh and relaxing environment. Cat will love their boxes.

Cat CareTMLime- Lime is considered the most refreshing flavour and it is such a lite yet power full fragrance. Natural lime oil having some disinfectant properties and lime having acidic in nature which will stop producing ammonia from cat urine, we are using highly concentrated lime oil and mix with good quality bentonite granules to produce Cat CareTMLime.

Key features – 

  1. All-natural products no harmful chemical used
  2. We are using natural oil to make scented cat litter
  3. Refreshing and charming environment
  4. Almost nil ammonia odour
  5. Almost zero dust ensure proper litter system
  6. Safe for pets and children, can used hand to discard
  7. High absorbency ensures zero leakage
  8. Selectively used natural essential oil having some technical benefits
  9. Natural ability to absorb ammonia, fresh home with clean boxes
  10. Homogenous distribution of granules makes thin & flat clump
  11. Non sticky product, no tracking of paws
  12. Economical solution for cat lovers

Packing –

We are focusing in standard packing like 3kg, 5 Kg & 10 Kg with Plastic bags and also Paper bags as per clients test and choice. It is also possible to pack with customize size and volume. We are also offering 1 mt big bags for repacking. We are using eco-friendly material for packing and taking care of nature while choosing packing material.

How to use 

Simple pour in your litter box and scoop out with time interval and top up if require.


Bentonite based product not suitable for eating and manufacturer not liable for mishandling the products.

Flushable Cat Litter – An Excellent Option To Manage Your Pets At Home

Flushable cat litter is one of the excellent types of cat litter available today. It is a fine option for pet owners concerned about the environment and helps them avoid the situation of their dust bins filled with bags of soiled litter. It is a huge relief from the pain of disposing of cat litter.

Numerous types of flower clumping cat litter are available with us. Most people wonder about flushing cat litter, but we say you can flush cat litter and manage the excreta of your pets in the best way.

Benefits of Flushable Cat Litter

There are several benefits for flushable cat litter. Traditional cat litter cannot be flushed. They have to be disposed of in the land. On the other hand, flushable cat litter can be flushed, and thus it does not cause any environmental issues. Due to these advantages, the number of pet lovers turning to these types of cat litters is on the rise. The clumping cat litter we supply also has huge demands from all part of the world.

Cat Care is the leading cat litter manufacturer in India. Our products have a great demand among cat lovers. We are the market leader due to the quality of our products.

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