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Natural Bentonite Cat Litter– Highly Absorbent and Clumps Quickly

Organic cat litter is a blessing for all cat owners, and Cat Care is the leading supplier of it worldwide. We supply premium quality cat litter that none of our competitors can provide. We provide dust free cat litter highly suitable for your cute pets at home. Our products are affordable for all, and we have been adjudged as the best seller on various online selling platforms. Decent odor control and no dust make our cat litter for cat a favourite one for pet owners around the globe. We especially recommend our cat litter for pet-owners with one or more cats. Cat litter sand from bentonite is highly absorbent, and its clumping action is very quick. These special features of our products make the removal of waste from the litter box easy and quick.

Natural Bentonite Cat Litter is Best Litter for Your Cat

Natural bentonite cat litter is the best litter available now because of its ability clump at a faster speed. We have a huge number of customers from all parts of India and worldwide, and all of them unanimously agree that our organic cat litter has no odor and is easy to clean. It is hygienic and healthy for your cat. We stick to our cat litter for cat because of the support we receive from our customers. We strive hard to improve the quality of our soft-unscented clumping natural bentonite cat litter and do all we can to provide the best to our customers.

Being the leading cat litter suppliers, we have created a name for ourselves in the industry. We are the industry leader. We know that you wish to give the best to your dearest pets and thus we exhort you to take advantage of our products. Order for organic cat litter from us and make your pets happy and comfortable at home.


Using natural products are wonderful things, especially for household application. Our product Catcare Natural is made of natural sodium bentonite, a type of clay that clumps in the presence of water, also helps absorb odour coming from cat’s urine & keeps the litter box clean and fresh. This liquid and solid waste can scoop regularly, make cats healthy and happy.

Cats are colour sensitive which force us to make our products colourful using multi-colour clay and some natural ingredients.

Catcare™ Natural are formulated in three categories

Cat ChoiceTM – Made from single colour bentonite with high absorption capacity ensure proper scooping, healthy & clean box.

Cat LoveTM – Twin colour clay mix with proper ratio to achieve ace absorption capacity, makes boxes clean & fresh always.

Cat JoyTM – Twin colour bentonite mixed with active coal which makes it more colourful with high absorption capacity of water & ammonia gas produced due to cat’s urine. This is more technically advanced product based with all-natural material.

Key features – 

  1. Natural products, free from harmful chemicals and additives.
  2. Safe to use for pets
  3. High absorbency ensures zero leakage
  4. Natural ability to absorb ammonia, fresh home with clean boxes
  5. Homogenous distribution of granules makes thin & flat clump
  6. Non sticky product, no tracking of paws
  7. Economical solution for cat lovers


We are focusing in standard packing like 3kg, 5 Kg & 10 Kg with Plastic bags and also Paper bags as per clients test and choice. It is also possible to pack with customize size and volume. We are also offering 1 mt big bags for repacking. We are using eco-friendly material for packing and taking care of nature while choosing packing material.

How to use

Simple pour in your litter box and scoop out with time interval and top up if require.


Bentonite based product not suitable for eating and manufacturer not liable for mishandling the products.

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